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Hi, we’re Curist. 👋

We’re like the pharmacy aisle created by doctors.

Our team of top, board-certified doctors filtered out the noise to help pick the all-star products you need and show you how best to bundle them, too. No prescription needed.

Dr. Paul Shapero, MD

Dr. Paul Shapero, MD

Board-Certified in Allergy & Pediatrics

A pharma brand you can actually trust.

We consider ourselves “Little Pharma” for a reason (and Little Pharma, Inc. is actually our official business name!). By cutting out the big brands, the middle man, and going online, Curist cuts costs and offers only the best, doctor-recommended relief on the market at the most affordable prices.

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Started by experts who know what you’re feeling.

Our founder Ethan suffers from bad allergies and asthma, and his dad (Hi, Dad!) is a celebrated allergy doctor. Growing up in his house meant a lot of dinner conversations around medicine, allergies, and why it’s not easier for people to self-treat at home. So, Ethan set out to simplify the pharmacy aisle for the better, starting with allergies. Since starting in 2018, Curist has expanded to help people with symptoms ranging from allergies, heartburn, colds, and pain.

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And who believe we do better by doing good.

Our mission is to increase access to affordable medication and improve self-treatment of symptoms. We work at this all the time, whether it’s donating products to low-income clinics and frontline healthcare workers, or publishing doctor-reviewed articles so you can self-treat better without spending a lot.

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