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Curist Healthcare Marketing & Strategy: Allison Dinh

Allison is a fourth-year pharmacy student at The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy. At Curist, she assists with product launch coordination and leads content design for its social media platforms and email marketing. Additionally, she researches and writes articles about allergies and skin care for the Curist blog. 

In addition to her work for Curist, Allison has over 5 years of experience in other sectors of the pharmacy world such as the compounding lab and hospital settings. Through these roles, she has garnered valuable insights into drug formulation and medication dispensing technology. 

Allison brings a wealth of diverse experiences to Curist and is committed to leveraging these skills to provide individuals with evidence-based educational resources and connecting providers to quality medications for their patients.

Allison Dinh’s Bio 

  • Doctor of Pharmacy (anticipated May 2023) — The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy 
  • Bachelor of Science and Arts in Nutrition with Honors — The University of Texas at Austin
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