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Curist Writer: Dr. Faith Goan, PharmD

  • Postdoctoral Fellow in US TTR Marketing at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (Cambridge, MA)
  • Adjunct Faculty, Northeastern University (Boston, MA)

Dr. Faith Goan is a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) graduate from The University of Texas at Austin. Previously, Dr. Goan was the Doctor and Community Outreach Coordinator for Curist and is now a marketing fellow at a leading biotech company. Dr. Goan is also an adjunct faculty member at Northeastern University in Boston, training the next generation of pharmacists. 

Dr. Goan has worked in numerous pharmacy settings over the past 7 years and has won numerous academic awards. Her favorite aspect of pharmacy is providing key information to patients and providers in regard to different treatment options available. 

Dr.Goan has allergies and eczema and loves the mission of Curist to provide affordable care for those suffering from the same problems. Dr. Goan was inspired to provide information to help patients understand their health and actively contributed to the Curist blog

Dr. Faith Goan’s Bio  

  • Doctor of Pharmacy, The University of Texas at Austin (Austin, TX)
  • 2022 College of Pharmacy Mortar and Pestle Award for Leadership, Service, Patient Care, and Research
  • 2021 Best in Visual Interprofessional Research Poster Award
  • 2020 Lester Entrepreneurial Scholar 
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