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By Cindy Diep, The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy

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Have you ever wondered about the best patches for back pain? If you have experienced discomfort in your back, finding effective relief can be crucial. Curist is here to help you learn more about patches for back pain!

Do Back Pain Patches Work? Do Patches Work for Lower Back Pain? Do Patches Work for Upper Back Pain?

Back pain patches can be effective for individuals, but their efficacy may vary depending on the type and cause of the back pain, as well as individual factors such as tolerance and sensitivity to the patches. Patches containing ingredients like lidocaine or menthol may provide temporary relief of both lower and upper back pain. It is important to consult with a healthcare provider to determine the underlying cause of your back pain and the most appropriate treatment options for you.

Are Patches or Cream Better for Back Pain?

Whether patches or creams are better for back pain depends on various factors, including personal preference, individual response to treatment, and the specific type of pain. Although both patches and cream relieve pain at the site of application, there are some differences between each formulation.

Patches can be applied directly to the area of your pain. Unlike gel or cream products, patches are designed to be longer-acting and are meant to work over an extended period, continuously delivering a numbing or soothing agent to the skin for several hours. They work best on an area of skin with a flat surface. Patches may be a better option if you think creams are too messy to use or if you prefer longer-lasting pain relief.

Creams, such as lidocaine cream (up to 4% strength), can be applied directly to the site of pain and typically need to be rubbed into the skin to be fully absorbed. Generally, creams work within 30 minutes, but they are shorter-acting than patches.

Curist sells lidocaine in a patch formulation. We encourage you to visit our website and explore our products!

How Long Does a Back Patch Last for Pain Relief?

Back pain patches are designed to be longer-acting compared to other formulations, such as cream or gel products. The duration of pain relief provided by a back pain patch varies depending on the specific product, severity of the pain, individual sensitivity, and underlying cause of the pain. In general, pain relief patches can provide relief for several hours, anywhere from 4 to 12 hours. 

Can You Sleep With a Back Patch on for Pain Relief? Can You Leave a Pain Relief Back Patch on All Night?

Whether you can sleep with a back patch on for pain relief depends on the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer. Some pain relief patches are designed for extended wear, while others may recommend removal after a certain period. For example, Curist’s Lidocaine 4% Patches should only be used for up to 12 hours. Ultimately, it's important to use pain relief patches as directed.

What Is the Strongest OTC Pain Patch for Back Pain?

The strength of over the counter pain patches can vary depending on the active ingredients they contain and their specific formulation. Some commonly used OTC pain patches for back pain include those containing ingredients such as lidocaine, capsaicin, menthol, or methyl salicylate. While there isn't a single "strongest" OTC pain patch for back pain that universally applies to everyone, lidocaine patches are frequently recommended for their effectiveness in providing relief from mild to moderate back pain. At Curist, we offer the highest strength of lidocaine patches available OTC in our Lidocaine 4% Patches. Any lidocaine patch at a stronger concentration would require a doctor’s prescription.

What is the Best Patch to Use for Back Pain Relief?

Determining the best patch for back pain relief can vary depending on individual preferences, the specific type and cause of the back pain, and any underlying health conditions. However, some popular and effective options for back pain relief include patches containing ingredients such as lidocaine. The strongest non-prescription lidocaine patch available on the market is lidocaine 4%. Check out Curist’s Lidocaine 4% Patch and see if this product will work for you!

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